To covering and reasonable standards of 6D aspect of the BIM projects.

BIM 6D Services

AEC BIM Services LLC is a one-stop destination that provides its customers globally with secure, highly qualified BIM services and CAD services. We are one of the most recommended as well as the leading company that helps to provide our customers with intelligent as well as highly integrated service by using the latest software, technology, international codes, and predefined standards. Nowadays, we have all found that the culture of BIM outsourcing services is being embraced by major AEC industries around the world, and the main explanation for it is the immense expertise and experience that the team of expert engineers and designers have. Another explanation is that the business fulfills the requirements that customers demand with maximum accuracy and performance. Thus, these are some of the strategies that are considered to be a helping hand to construct sustainable buildings for the owners, contractors, and project stakeholders.

Different Levels Of BIM 6D Services

  • BIM 6D Modeling Services
  • Revit 6D BIM
  • Point Cloud to BIM
  • BIM Coordination Services
  • BIM Coordination Drawings
  • BIM Clash Detection

Benefits Of 6D BIM Services

  1. It shares detailed data that is practical and easy to handle for the BIM project to be effectively implemented. To make the job simple, it is also considered to be an efficient asset.
  2. It helps share and provide the building’s virtual knowledge, along with its lifecycle.
  3. The team opts for the method of 6D CAD simulation to better incorporate the 6D BIM Services.
  4. With the help of these building models, an overall reduction in energy usage is possible.
  5. This offers a simple and immediate decision that is accurate for the components and helps with the design and installation process.
  6. Overall, it offers data sharing the building’s life cycle and knowledge for its sustainability.