To covering and reasonable standards of Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing component of the projects.

BIM Mechanical

The AEC BIM mechanical team has a wide knowledge base, ranging from small commercial and residential ventures to multi-million-dollar multifamily designs in healthcare, industrial, and high-density.

Mechanical and HVAC design is a component that can often be overlooked in a building until it performs poorly, compromising comfort for occupants and perhaps even creating problems with moisture or making the building unable to work as expected. With an impressive portfolio, under several different specific circumstances, the AEC BIM’s mechanical team has extensive design expertise, having worked in different climates around the nation and with mechanical systems from basic inexpensive packed units to sophisticated chilled water systems. AEC BIM’s mechanical staff is also well experienced in water supply heat pumps, variable air volume systems, diverse cooling systems, separated heat systems, furnaces, packed air rooftop units, sophisticated chilled water systems and complex exhaust and cooling systems. The team has considerable expertise and experience.

Our experience covers several diverse types of mechanical structures from Florida to Alaska in different climates. Our team is thus able to rely on this expertise in working with owners and developers to decide the most economical framework which meets the requirements.

Under several different particular scenarios, our mechanical team has vast modeling expertise. Our organization continuously proposes solutions to posed problems and limitations, balance energy conservation and cost efficiency with system success objectives.

BIM Electrical

Electrical design will cover a wide variety of specifications, and these designs can only become more and more complex as emerging technologies begin to evolve.

The electrical staff of AEC BiM has the skills to prepare new buildings and refurbish existing ones to cope with the added sophistication involved with these new and emerging developments, as well as the ever-changing code standards. With vast expertise through states, construction styles and special specifications, our electrical engineers have the knowledge and experience needed to make your next work a resounding success.

Our specialty encompasses many different kinds of services in electrical engineering.

This helps our staff to collaborate with owners and contractors to decide the most cost-effective system to meet with the necessary requirements.

  • New Building Design
  • Building Renovations & Additions
  • Tenant Upfit
  • Energy Studies
  • Generator & Un-Interrupted Power Supply Design
  • Lighting Design & Controls
  • Site Power & Site Lighting
  • Photometric Studies
  • Lightning Protection
  • Fire Alarm & Life Safety Systems
  • Historical Renovation
  • Peer Review
  • Arc Flash Studies
  • Condition Assessments
  • Alternative Energy Sources


BIM Plumbing

Sanitary and ventilation piping for new and current buildings is used in the plumbing engineering undertaken by AEC BIM.

Our company also offers the concept of roof drainage, greywater, rainwater storage and hot water solar systems. The plumbing team also has expertise in the construction of medicinal gas systems and fuel gas pipes for a range of building applications.

We have different types of plumbing design systems in our plumbing team know-how. This helps our staff to collaborate with owners and contractors to find the most economic method to meet the requirements.

  • New Building Design
  • Renovations
  • Tenant Upfit
  • Historical Renovation
  • Peer Review