The leading and trusted organization that globally provides its customers with accurate and secure Point Cloud for BIM services.

Point Cloud Services

AEC BIM Services LLC is the leading and trusted organization that globally provides its customers with accurate and secure Point Cloud for BIM services. This is the service package that is often referred to as the BIM service check. The technical team is sufficiently flexible to consider the needs and expectations of the customers depending on the execution of the job. Each engineer here works closely with the team because of the value of the service and they are managers, owners, contractors, stakeholders, and sub-contractors. BIM’s point cloud service has turned out to be the biggest boom for one who has undertaken the reconstruction, repair, and refurbishment project of old and frayed structures.

We provide our customers with Scan to BIM services so that they can conduct their point cloud modeling projects within a fast turnaround time and with proper and perfect project deliveries as well. All types of scan formats that are highly compatible with BIM software are used by us and our team of BIM engineers and BIM modelers. The team here plans the first stage of the work to understand the needs and expectations of the clients and presents it to them so that if there are any adjustments needed, the same can be done before progressing further.

Once the point cloud data is obtained, the first step we take is to export this information to a CAD and also to the BIM platform in order to construct an accurate As-built BIM model that depicts the details needed around the house, such as pipes, slabs, roofs, walls, floor, and other such details.

Having BIM propelled records of certainly what products they have used and produced from for a proprietor of various buildings will improve efficiencies to the extent of running costs and restoring guarantees. In addition, certain documents handle the function of reinforcement, redesign and change/alteration. Nonetheless the pace of a client’s new construction work can be little correlated with that of controlling existing workplaces. In the present financial situation, this is especially true.

Our in-house team has expertise with accurate knowledge and we understand the process with experience for over 12+ years and can offer 100 percent work according to customer standards. In addition, to go further, we also use all the latest software needed for the completion of the BIM project. We often use the Revit families provided by and by the customers and also to adapt to the use of standard instruments, techniques, software, and codes to be used and recognized.

Various Point Cloud Forms To BIM Services Provided By Us

Now let us go further and share with you the information that updates the different types of services we provide as we pursue BIM projects that need point cloud for BIM services.

  • Detect and find the reorganization of the surface from point cloud data
  • Point cloud conversion to 6D BIM for sustainability optimization
  • Check and function for cost estimation or quantity take-offs on Point cloud to BIM 5D
  • Point cloud for construction scheduling in BIM 4D
  • Point cloud for facilities operations with BIM 7D