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BIM Shop Drawing Services

At some stage of the project, the facilities for BIM shop drawings are taken into account. The collection of BM documents would be compulsory for any architect, contractor, engineer, and service provider associated with the construction project in the form of BIM shop drawings. One thing that needs to be remembered when outsourcing the services is that these sketches reflect the specifications of the design that the engineers and architects have made. These are also the drawings that share the data and the position markups for each prefabricated part. These components exchange knowledge about MEP systems, plans, and other specifics as well.

BIM Shop Drawings’ services are more detailed than architectural renderings. The main explanation for it is that along with the installation of the systems, it will share the specifics and the time that has the real construction information. The sub-contractors and building traders need this collection of data. At AEC BIM Services, we are the leading and trusted company that works closely with its customers and provides them with all the comprehensive shop drawing services needed for any BIM project.

Benefits Of BIM Shop Drawings Services

Every service that is taken into account in the construction sector has some reasons and advantages associated with it. Here is a list of some of the advantages of the service we would like to share in Silicon Valley.

  • Maintains drawing logs and full records of all approvals.
  • Drawings and records serve as a central collective communication point.
  • The building papers are the answers to all of the customers’ often-asked questions.
  • Comparison Information
  • Change Order Notations
  • Fabrication Details
  • Job Site Dimensions
  • Placement and Installation
  • Samples
  • MEP Coordination