To covering and reasonable standards of Structural component of the projects.

BIM Structural

From first-hand experience of our team members and their work with other firms, that there were times that different firms will team up for a job. While this is an efficient way of going after a job but also creates challenges in the process of deliverables. In several cases each discipline generates 3d models based on their needs and requirements, without the consideration of other discipline and how all these different models will be related to each other. 

Therefore, some projects seem to have Architectural or Structural Models missing. The Architect and the Structural Engineer may not deliver a 3D model that is necessary for a BIM Spatial coordination process and for the MEP’s to host and to clash their models against. AEC BIM Services LLC can provide you with the solutions you need. Our experienced Architectural and Structural teams can create REVIT models efficiently focusing on this BIM coordination purpose.


2D Drafting


3D Modeling


Steel Detailing

The drawings can be readily available by accessing or contracting structural 2D drafting and design facilities and can be combined with other elements of the assemblies with ease and comfort, and this is feasible with the assistance of the CAD design process. We and our team of engineers manage any degree of project sophistication and meet all engineering needs and specifications with cutting-edge technologies. Going forward we have reliable and effective 2D structural drafting services that are conveniently connected to annotations and layer management.

We maintain consistency when outsourcing or communicating with us for structural 2D drafting and designing services and ensure that it is cost-effective, affordable and has all the required attention in it. With this said, let us continue further and take a look at the 2D drafting services we provide.

We can provide you the following and much more: