To covering and reasonable standards of the BIM VDC component of the projects.


In addition to creating BIM models, AEC BIM Services LLC can serve as the BIM Manager of the project from Design, construction through submitting for operation.

We are able to  create the contractual BIM specifications getting information from various stakeholders, create and manage the BIM Execution Plan or BEP, lead BIM Coordination processes for both Design and Construction, and track the follow up and delivery of all parties over the life cycle of the entire project as per requirements and BIM execution plan.

The BIM Execution Plan (BEP) documents the requirements and procedures for the team to work together in the design and development of a project (GC, AEC Firms and others). The BEP will specify the level of detail (LOD) to be modeled, the processes of file exchange, naming criteria, the roles performed by the various parties in the modeling process, etc. Before work begins, the more detailed the BEP is the more smoothly the whole project can go. AEC BIM Services LLC will help create a BEP that meets the needs of both the GC and the team.

The physical coordination of systems between disciplines, along with effective and proper implementation in the field, is one of the most important goals of the use of BIM. Clash Identification reports, buildability assessments, virtual and/or personal collaboration meetings with architects, engineers, consultants, construction managers and sub-contractors are part of the AEC BIM Services LLC BIM Coordination process.

It is also a natural feature within our scope to serve as the Lead BIM Pre-construction Coordinator of the project. Our aim is to build a combined organized construction model in partnership with all stakeholders while conducting Lead 3D Spatial Coordination to prevent re-work, delays and changing orders in the field.

In one easy-to-use, easy-to-access site, individual project schedules, Gantt charts, email updates, documentation hosting, RFI logs, and project-specific community contact lists are all easily incorporated.

The Architectural and Structural BIM models are unified with those developed by the various MEP trades. With Autodesk ® Navisworks or BIM 360TM Glue, we run conflict detection and visual walkthroughs to address not only collisions, but other aspects related to installation clearances, adequate maintenance space, and so on. We hold weekly coordination meetings and ensure that updates on the models are followed through before signed-off models are ready to be produced for shop drawings are achieved.

AEC BIM Services LLC is completely capable of coordinating and operating the construction project coordination process. On hundreds of multi-million SF, we have already led modeling and collaboration efforts. Yeah. projects.