To covering and reasonable standards of digital content protection of your BIM projects.

Digital Content Protection

Many risks arise from the technological advancement of the world and BIM is not excluded from it. It is easy to get carried away with the advantages of using BIM and the innovative new forms of collaborative working it provides when your company embraces BIM (building information modelling) technology. What is less clear is that BIM could leave you and your details digitally unprotected. You will help secure your BIM digital assets from the possibility of misuse, destruction, accidental disclosure, or theft of information by building protection features, procedures, and techniques into the way you work.

Security needs to be integrated in organizations at every level, from the project design team to the distribution end of the market, to completely protect the BIM data. It is also critical that a security-minded strategy is applied in the supply chain and that the data security initiatives you have in place are on board with every stakeholder.

The possibility of theft of your BIM data is real and there could be financial, physical, economic or reputational harm to your project. From a cyber-security point of view, there is a real risk that a breach will result in unauthorized persons compromising, disclosing, copying, distributing, accessing, stealing or using your data or knowledge.

When you start the project and integrate BIM into the project, it is vital that you appoint a suitably qualified person as a Designed Asset Protection Manager. This individual will handle the security issues and deal with any risks to the asset in question, as well as deal with the creation of security plans, policies and procedures and the lifetime promotion of data and asset security.

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